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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Tip: Adding Recalcitrant Project Files To Source Control

We put our projects in Source Control, for all the usual reasons. And, like anyone who uses Source Control through the VFP Project Manager, we occasionally end up with files marked with a Question Mark (?) in the PM, meaning that the file is not in Source Control and needs to be. Rightclick on the file, and you are likely going to be told that no files require adding to Source Control. Rats.

The answer, I thought, was to rebuild project/recompile all. Which works, but takes a bit of time. Today, I discovered you can cheat: Build EXE/recompile all -- but when the dialog comes up to select the EXE path and name, press cancel. The Add to Source Control dialog will then come up, with all those recalcitrant ("no, no, anything but Source Control, don't make me go!") files listed. Go figure.


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